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I’ve had the opportunity to communicate regularly to students and adults. Here are some videos from messages I have done in the past.

Have you ever been told to “Be Quiet”? In this sermon we see what we can learn from the story of Bartimaeus.

In week 2 of Relationship Goals, we look at how the Church can come alongside the single people around us.

In this 2 week series, we wanted to address a group of people that often get neglected, singles. As we re-explore the stories of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz, week 1 addresses the stigma that single people are somehow incomplete, have something wrong with them, and/or have less to offer the Church.

I closed out our Before & After series by talking about Peter. He went from denying to preaching. Why do we so often find ourselves denying, and what is the catalyst that moves us to preaching?

For Easter, our series was titled “Looking for Life.” We spent time focusing on the ways the resurrection of Jesus impacts our past, present, and future. In this short video, I talk about how the resurrection doesn’t just bring us life after we die, but it gives us life right now.

In life, we all experience waiting, longing, and hoping. This was especially true of God’s people waiting for a Messiah to deliver them. The song “O Come O Come Emmanuel” captures these feelings both then and now, and points us to the hope that God is with us. The bumper videos for each week of this series were created by our creative team at Current, and performed by our incredibly talented musicians.

Jonah chapter 4 is often overlooked, forgotten, or ignored. However, this chapter holds up a mirror and asks us to look at ourselves. Will God’s concerns be our concerns? In this message, we come to terms with the fact that where we desire judgment, God desires mercy.

Bitterness blinds us to the beauty of grace. In this message I explore how bitterness destroys us through the lens of the older brother in the parable of the lost son, and discuss how we can move from bitterness towards grace.

Each week of our Joy Story Series discussed something that steals our joy. In this sermon I preached on jealousy. We can become content in life, when we realize God is content with us.

We kicked off a new series with students called “Playlist”. In this series, we take songs that are at the top of the Billboard chart and discuss what message the song is sending. Is this message helpful or harmful? In week 1 we look at I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber.

There are so many things in life that we think will bring us happiness. In this message for students, I addressed the myth that “I’ll be happy if…I accomplish more.”

On Father’s Day I preached week 2 of our “Like a Boss” series. This week was “Lead Like a Boss.” Most of us lead as the power leader, or the passive leader, but what do we find when we look to the perfect leader?

We closed out the school year with a series called DO SOMETHING. The final week was “Do Something With the Gospel.” I can tell what you value by what you do. What do the things we are doing (or failing to do) with the Gospel reveal about how we value it?

In our series called “When it Seems Like…” we addressed feelings that many of our students struggle with. In this message, on the day before Valentine’s Day, I talked about the times when it seems like we are not loved. When we don’t feel loved, it hard to give love, but when we’ve received true love, we love greatly.

In preaching week two of our series, Creatures of Habit, I challenged our students to consider the habits they are forming. The ways you respond in life’s defining moments will be the sum of all the little things you’ve done along the way. What type of person are you setting yourself up to be?

I got to close out our Christmas series called “With Us.” The Christmas story tells us that hope has come in the arrival of Jesus. However, so many of us live as if we are still waiting for something that is already here. What would it look like for us to embrace the victory that is now here in Jesus?

In our Student Ministry series, Through the Waters, we traced the image of passing though waters in the Bible. This helped us work our way towards baptism in the final week of the series. In week 2, I preached on the story of Jesus getting baptized. The main idea: On the other side of waters awaits a new world!

Every Sunday when we gather, we take communion. But how often do we truly consider what we are doing, or why we are doing it? In Jesus, take is turned to give, and this is what we experience when we come to the table.

In this sermon, I kicked off our new series on JOY. Week 1 was “How to find it.” The main point: We can choose joy when we realize Jesus chose us.

In this sermon, I closed out a series called “They’re the Worst.” In this series, we looked at how to deal with difficult people that we often come into contact with, and often are ourselves. This week was Selfish Steve. I use Philippians 2, and the life and example of Jesus, to explore how we respond to the Selfish Steve in us, and in others.

I preached week 2 of our “Exile” series. This week focused on Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and the fiery furnace. Our human nature is wired towards conformity, but we worship one who is greater than anything this world has to offer.

This is a short theological reflection I had the opportunity to do with students. How do we reconcile a reality in which God and suffering both exist?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, I preached in our series called “In the eye of the storm”. My main point was “when we are blinded by tragedy, God sees an opportunity.”

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