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As the Lead Student Minister at Current – A Christian Church, I get to speak regularly for our students, and sometimes I even get to preach in “Big Church”. Here are some videos from messages I have done in the past.

In our Student Ministry series, Through the Waters, we traced the image of passing though waters in the Bible. This helped us work our way towards baptism in the final week of the series. In week 2, I preached on the story of Jesus getting baptized. The main idea: On the other side of waters awaits a new world!

Every Sunday when we gather, we take communion. But how often do we truly consider what we are doing, or why we are doing it? In Jesus, take is turned to give, and this is what we experience when we come to the table.

In this sermon, I kicked off our new series on JOY. Week 1 was “How to find it.” The main point: We can choose joy when we realize Jesus chose us.

In this sermon, I closed out a series called “They’re the Worst.” In this series, we looked at how to deal with difficult people that we often come into contact with, and often are ourselves. This week was Selfish Steve. I use Philippians 2, and the life and example of Jesus, to explore how we respond to the Selfish Steve in us, and in others.

I preached week 2 of our “Exile” series. This week focused on Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and the fiery furnace. Our human nature is wired towards conformity, but we worship one who is greater than anything this world has to offer.

This is a short theological reflection I had the opportunity to do with students. How do we reconcile a reality in which God and suffering both exist?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, I preached in our series called “In the eye of the storm”. My main point was “when we are blinded by tragedy, God sees an opportunity.”

I got to wrap up our series called “The Wrong Jesus.” We went through Matthew 16 for 3 weeks and looked at ways people were getting Jesus wrong then, and continue to get Jesus wrong now. This week…”the way you save your life, is also the way you lose it.”

As part of our Church series on families, we did a whole week on raising teenagers. Myself and our other Student Pastor, Titus, got to give parents some practical ideas for working with their students.

We decided to hit some tough topics with our students. In this week, we looked at the issue of Gender Dysphoria with our High School Students.

We went through the book of Jonah with our students one chapter at a time. This week I got to preach through chapter 2 and tell our students that “even at our lowest point, God can raise us up.”

I got to close out our Circles series. We ended by talking about those who are viewed as “outsiders.” The main idea: Following Jesus takes us outside our circles.

We kicked off a new series called Circles. All of us run in certain circles. How do we look to the example of Jesus for how to interact in them? In this message I addressed the friends circle? (The first half is just audio before the video finally kicks in. That’s what you get when students run your tech booth…)

As we closed out our series titled “Simply Amazing” I addressed the question, “What’s so amazing about Jesus?” Answer: Jesus is amazing because he has the power to forgive sins.

As we closed out our Unashamed series, I preached Romans 10:9-15 under the headline “If you are saved, you are being sent!” You can also purchase this series I created here.

I got to introduce our new series called Unashamed. This series worked with passages in Romans and focused on evangelism. The main idea in week 1 was “When we truly understand the good news, we are no longer ashamed.” You can also purchase this series I created here.

As we continued our series called Jesus Is, I introduced Jesus as the Baptizer. Although we do not read any stories of Jesus baptizing people, he modeled baptism for us, and he baptizes us with something more than water. You can also purchase this series I created here.

As I kicked off our Jesus Is series, I focused on the idea of Jesus as a friend (John 15:12-17), how that changes the way we view him, and how it changes the way we respond to others. You can also purchase this series I created here.

In the invisibles, we challenged students to change the way they look at those around them who often go unseen.

In this week of our Fighting Demons series, I preached to students on temptation and the story of Daniel

In our Mirror series, we looked at different aspects of the life of Jesus and how we can “mirror” those in our lives as well. This week looked at how Jesus prayed.

If only the choices we made in life could disappear like a snapchat…Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Sin affects our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with God. In week 2, we look at the story of the David and Bathsheba and how sin can destroy those around us.

If only the choices we made in life could disappear like a snapchat…Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Sin affects our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with God. In week 1, we look at the story of the woman caught in adultery and how sin affects the way we view ourselves.

SAME was a phrase our students used all the time for a season. Whenever a person said something, if another student could relate, they would say “Same!” In this series we looked at the struggles our students were facing in life. The things they could all say “Same!” to. In the final week, we looked at how, in the midst of all of these struggles and stressors, students can find rest.

Our VBS theme for this year was WEIRD. We looked at different stories in the Bible that show how being a follower of God in this world can look weird. I had the privilege of preaching the main theme to our entire Church as VBS week kicked off.


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