The Big Give


High Hill Christian Camp is an awesome place where we take our First Christian Students  each summer to have fun, grow closer to one another, and ultimately to grow closer with God. Our kids love attending and get excited every year as the time comes closer to leave for camp. However, in the past, this has not been an experience open to all of our students. Until this point, High Hill has not been a handicapped accessible camp. Some of our students right here at First Christian have been unable to attend camp with us for this very reason.

That changes this year. High Hill Camp has been working very hard on building a brand-new, handicapped accessible cabin to be ready by the summer. However, this is a very costly undertaking. High Hill has been working hard to fundraise. The Camp Director, Randy, even did a paddle marathon to raise money for it.

ImageEven with this, the camp is still several thousand dollars short of where they need to be to complete the project. That is where we come in. We are doing a BIG give to raise money to not only help our own students be able to attend camp, but students all around the area in a similar situation. Our goal is $2000. We raised half of that this past Sunday. If you want to help us out, you can make an online donation here (make sure you specify that it is for High Hill) or you can bring it on Wednesday night and drop it off in the student center as we do our final Big Give.

Please help us help High Hill and the handicapped all around the St. Louis area who would love an opportunity to go to camp next summer.


Chris Nelson